Getting hot

Summer is coming really rapidly. It was really hot yesterday and starting to get a warm at night. Time to get my thin blanket out, and bring on the sun cream! Talking about sun cream I need to buy some higher SPF ones as the sun here in the UK is start to get pretty intense.

I love summer! So bright, so pretty, so happy. Since it’s almost summer I need to prepare some summer things like shimmery & summery colour make up, sunglasses, summer jewellery, summer clothes & shoes.

Addicted to a Facebook game AGAIN
Last week Ivy introduced me to this FB game called Mall World. About 8 months ago, I was completely addicted to FB games like Restaurant City & FarmVille then got bored of all these restaurant & farm style games. Mall World is yet another tycoon style game. You have this shop where you sell clothes, shoes & bags. I love games where I sell stuff & make money so this is perfect 😀

Name for my jewellery store
I’ve using the name Essencious Designs for my jewellery store. I was also thinking of Essencious Jewels. Which do you guys think is better? Also any other suggestions? I did think about Essencious Crystals but I may not always use crystals. I want to start beading and using pearls as well once I’ve had some practise at that.

Some ideas for names so far
– Essencious Designs
– Essencious Jewels
– Essencious Crystals

I’ve removed the “Add to Cart” buttons from my shop because I won’t be sell anything for a little while. 1) stupid volcano in Iceland erupted last Thursday and the ashes blow all over the sky in Europe. So no planes are flying in or out meaning I won’t be able to ship anything internationally. 2) I’ve decided to change the designs a little. I’m going to be using sterling silver chains instead and different bails too. 3) Moving everything to the shopping cart area I set up for this. So check back soon.

  • Georgina

    Haha it looked fun to me as well – I wasn’t too sure if they did it all schools, but hey hey, they seem to do it in the UK too. 😛 We still had those corkboard things in high school though, so we got to do it occasionally.

    If you want, save all the emoticons from my site! 😛 I got them from but I am not actually sure where they originally come from. Do you think you could let me know if you find the site they *actually* come from? I want to credit them properly and everything!

    Ugh, the ash thing seems to be causing hell for everyone. I guess it can’t be helped though; they don’t want anything awful to happen on flights.

    I can’t wait to see what you might add to your shop later. 😀 I don’t have Facebook, but those kind of games are probably my type. The thing is, when I play the Sims, I make the person and then get bored. XD

    I actually really like “Essencious” on its own because it’s really nice, and you might want to sell something other than jewellery later (you never know, clothes might be in :P). I’m used to Essencious Designs but Essencious Jewels sounds great too.

    My mum is all about SPF and taking care of your skin (since she’s also a beauty consultant). She makes sure I put on sunscreen EVERY DAY. :O
    .-= Georgina´s last blog ..The Greatest Fear =-.

  • Shuya

    Facebook games are really weird huh 😛 they seem to catch u into some sorta addiction but then it’s not like the addiction lasts forever like some games do =/, Summer is indeed sort have arrived to England ^^ it’s gonna be great in the summer maybe to the beach? 😛

    Essencious Designs is a generalised style of name really =P since you’re a jewellery seller wouldn’t Essencious Jewels or Essencious Treasures sound cooler? 😛

  • Kari

    Ah, I love summer C:

    I’ve never gotten into facebook games. Because like, everyone that’s into them seems to be so addicted! Hahaha. But they remind me of those yahoo games that you can download – though they only last like an hour so it’s lame :(

    I like the name Essencious Jewels, though! 😛

    Ugh, sucks that you can’t ship anything out! Hopefully the volcano issue will be over soon :( One of my friends is in Spain for an exchange program right now and I hope she doesn’t get delayed coming back or something.

  • Sakura

    Essencious Jewels sounds unique. I prefer this name compared to the other 2 choices.
    I am addicted to FB games too. I am playing Hotel City, Restaurant City and Country Story now. Haha.
    .-= Sakura´s last blog ..Really dead =-.

  • Phoebe Rutaquio

    yes yes facebook games do tend to be very addicting. I haven’t tried mallworld tho… but I don’t want to look into it anymore. I might get unnecessarily addicted like before with cafeworld, farmville, resto city, etc. Just a while ago, I ignored all the applications notifications so I can stop going back to play again. They’re cluttering my notifications inbox. haha! 😀

    as for the name. I go with designs. :) good luck!
    .-= Phoebe Rutaquio´s last blog ..Had dinner with my dears, Bianca, Chino, Steph and Alexis. After a night of YM conference and 30… =-.

  • Bonnie

    sorry for the late reply, its just a headband :)

    ivy also introduced me to mall world haha, but only she plays, none of my friends do so :( i looveee restaurant city but after a while, it died down i guess. i love tycoon games. i’m playing hotel city right now!

    i kinda like essencious design for some reason, but they all sound good
    .-= Bonnie´s last blog ..My absence =-.

  • Rachel

    I can’t wait for summer! The weather is finally getting nice and I love it! Ahh I only have 13 more days of school.

    I know what you mean about Facebook games. I am currently obsessed with a game called Fishville…which is exactly like Farmville, but with fish. I don’t know what makes these games so addicting but I tend to get obsessed. lol

    I like the name Essencious Jewels. :)

  • Shola

    Hahaha, that Volcano errupting has caused a lot more problems than shipping. People are stranded.

    I try to deactiate FB whenever I feel myself loggin on everyday. Just for a few weeks so I can wean myself off it. It’s a big time eater. :) I use to love the Mafia game and fishville, but I cut out that crack weeks ago….
    .-= Shola´s last blog ..Hello World! =-.

  • Anna

    I’m all set with my sunblock! I just bought a 3-pack one hahas. It’d take me a while, but my goal is to force myself to put on more sunblock since I don’t even do it everyday.

    Facebook game huh? Surprisingly, I’ve never played a Facebook game before. I don’t know why… lol. I just know that it’s so annoying when people sent you invites and requests on FB LOL.

    Essencious Jewels sound really nice!

  • Kala

    I agree with Georgina, I like “Essencious” by itself!
    .-= Kala´s last blog ..Under the pink magnolia tree. =-.

  • Angeli

    I’m addicted with Facebook games again like Hotel City, Social City and Gangster City. I prefer Gangster City than Mafia Wars.
    I think Essencious Jewels is better because Essencious Designs makes me think of web layouts and not jewelries or fashion accesories.
    .-= Angeli´s last blog ..Lack of Updates =-.

  • Kitty

    Enjoy the summer! :) The weather here is pretty much the same all year round because we live so close to the equator so we don’t get all those nice seasons you have there. :) But anyway, it’s summer. Time to get the beach ball out!

    Hahaha! Facebook games, huh? I don’t play any of the games because my internet connection is pretty lousy so it takes ages to load up the pages! But I hear lots of people love the Restaurant City. It is that addictive, eh? XD

    Boo to the volcano eruption. You know, the eruption does affect people who live far far away as well. My boyfriend’s brother was scheduled to fly to UK on Monday but because the airport was closed, the flight was cancelled. He was upset about it since he was looking forward to spending 6 months in UK. :/

    Essencious Designs is nice but the name is a bit ambiguous. Essencious Jewels sounds like as if you are selling those gold-plated jewelleries with huge gems on them. LOL. I actually opted for Essencious Crystals but since you are considering to add in other things so maybe Essencious Jewels is the best choice. 😀

    Speaking of your shop, this morning (my time) I actually wanted to ask you if there is any other way for me to purchase the jewelleries other than through PayPal when I saw on the shop page you specifically mentioned that you accept PayPal only. I badly want to buy the Snow Drift!!! :'( I can’t buy it through PayPal because PayPal don’t have the option of letting me to connect my bank account with it. *sighs* Long story.
    .-= Kitty´s last blog ..How should I move on? =-.

  • Grysh

    The sun is blazing hot. I’m perspiring so much now compared to how I do before.

    i am addicted to a new game in FB as well, Hotel City. :) I better try the Mall World 😀

    Essencious Jewels <3
    .-= Grysh´s last blog ..It’s All Wrong! =-.

  • Jenny

    I’ve been playing farmville a lot. It’s SO addicting xD But my dog keeps running away :(
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..To my lovely visitors! =-.

  • Kirsten

    The sun is starting to come back out for us here too. One week it is below 0 and snowing and the next it’s hot enough for shorts! It’s amazing really. Yeah for sun though! I got tons of sunblock left over from last year. Like SPF 80 or something. I still tanned regardless…
    .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..Sunshine! =-.

  • Jorja

    I’m glad the summer is coming here quickly! Although, like you, I need some more sun cream. I’ve only been sunburnt once in the UK, but that could easily change!
    I love summer. :) It’s so nice and pretty and warmmm :3

    I don’t have a Facebook and don’t want one, heh. I guess it’s good because I am veryyyy easily addicted to games.LOL.

    Personally, I like Essencious Designs. :) And yer, stupid volcano. Except it has meant a really bitchy girl in my class is stuck in Barbados, heh. Good for all of us really LOLLL, she gets an extra holiday and we have a bit of peace and quiet. xD Of course she’s coming back soon so…. 😛

    I tried K-POP and J-POP after a friend recommended it to me and I just couldn’t stand it. LOL. I find some mainstream stuff okay but others I don’t like 😛

    I like lyrics but I don’t necessarily NEED them.

    I don’t normally go on YouTube but at the time I liked it and it was good for everything, LOL. I can’t believe it was only made in 2005! D:

    Take care! xx
    .-= Jorja´s last blog ..The Shock Of The Lightning =-.

  • Malin

    I’ve never played a Facebook game! I can’t really relate to what everyone is talking about 😉 But I think I will look in to Mall World, it sounds cute 😀

    And I’m voting for Essencious Designs, then you can keep the name no mather what you are creating! :)
    .-= Malin´s last blog ..Smashed =-.

  • Tiff

    Essencious Jewels!!! I like that name a lot.

    It’s seriously too bad about that volcano…all those people being grounded because of the damn it’s so intense. Mother nature must be seriously pissed off this year. She’s like trying to kill us all or scare us with all these earthquakes too.

    agh ahaha this is why I always ignore EVERY SINGLE FB game invite I get..because I don’t use FB to play games!! I have better games for my PC! But all games are pointless clicking, FB games would just be the death of me. Which reminds me, I’m going to download Plants vs. Zombies because that game is so ridiculously fun.
    .-= Tiff´s last blog ..The Things We Take For Granted =-.


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