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Tuesday Apr 22nd 2014

Bombay Cafe in Covert Garden – Restaurant Review


Yet another London restaurant review. This time to a Bombay restaurant in Covert Garden called Dishoom. You can make a reservation at this place however they have limited availability for reservation. Our party was unable to book a place so decided to try our luck on a Sunday evening. We waited about 40-45mins to a table for 6 at around 6:30pm. It wasn’t a bad wait as we sat at the bar. We ordered 6 dishes, 5 rice and 3 naan bread to share between 5 of us. One of girls didn’t share with us because she doesn’t eat much […]

Friday Apr 18th 2014

London Cammuter #8 – 6pm and it looks like 2pm


This is a photo of some expensive apartments near my work place in London. I was heading to the station the other day and thought “it’s 6pm already and yet it looks like 2pm in the afternoon”. Other than the sun and warm weather of the spring and summer, the other most amazing part of UK summer is having really long days. It’s bright till 9-10pm for most of the summer months and 7-9pm for the months around the summer period. I feel so much more active and feel that I can do much more after work.

Wednesday Apr 2nd 2014

Flat Iron London Restaurant review


We went to the Flat Iron restaurant in Soho, London a couple of weekends ago for a friend’s birthday. It’s one of those no reservation places where you need to queue for over an hr to get a table. Luckily they take their customer’s mobile number and give them a call when the table is ready, allowing customers to head to other places around the area during their wait. We waited 2 hours for a table on a Saturday night. The restaurant is really small. They have 5-6 of these long benches that can sit 6, and two other small […]

Monday Mar 17th 2014

YesStyle Haul and Experience


This month came the time for a big YesStyle shopping spree to top up my Laneige skin care products as I completely finished all my day care products. I bought: Power Essential skin refiner Water Bank gel cream Water Bank eye gel cream Light Balancing emulsion I was unaware that YesStyle had changed their shipping price so I was presently surprised to find that they now provide free express shipping on orders over £69, and free regular shipping on orders over £20. That’s practically free shipping as £20 isn’t much and one can easily spend that amount on a store […]